Hello, my name is Lisa Lorraine
and I am a highly adaptable problem-solving project manager.

“A project is a problem scheduled for a solution.”

-Joseph M. Juran

For me, problem solving is my most valuable essential skill that allows me to handle the issues that I encounter daily within the multi-disciplinary projects that I manage.  It has contributed to my excelling at taking on extreme challenges, navigating organizational dynamics and forecasting and dismantling roadblocks to success.

As a versatile professional with 20+ years’ experience, including 7+ years managing projects of all sizes, developing key deliverables, and driving project success. I can be counted on to manage challenging clients through my ability to apply a positive approach to all I do, with consistency and encouragement. I enjoy helping others.

I am a life-long learner who is always pushing myself towards innovative ideas, creative endeavors, and thoughtful experiences. My mindset is drawn to goals and growth.


The skills I have acquired through my profession.


My certificates, degrees, and education I have obtained.